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The Department of Disease Control, under
the Ministry of Public Health, has allowed
all of the hospital employees that have been
under observation to return home. Thus,
July 2, 2015, there are no suspected cases of
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It would take a powerful, artificially-intelligent computer to review all the clinical evidence and information that could help a single cancer patient.
Today there is such a computer. IBM Watson for Oncology may represent the future of medicine. Bumrungrad doctors will be the first outside North America to use it.

Learn how Watson helps cancer specialists choose effective treatments



Orthopedic surgeons at Bumrungrad perform knee and hip surgeries assisted by 3D computer modeling and robotic arms. Precise alignment and repair makes it easier for patients to regain pain-free movement.

Learn more about what we do for people with knee and hip problems


Bumrungrad International "A World of Care"


  • Opened 200-bed facility: September 17, 1980
  • Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand: 1989
  • Expanded facility commissioned: January 1, 1997
  • Joint Commission International Accreditation: since February 2002
  • Opened outpatient clinic building: May 2008

Vision / Mission and Values

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Bumrungrad aspires to provide the best care with science, compassion, and integrity for each of our patients.


Bumrungrad Hospital (BH) is a public company traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.  The majority shareholders are Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited, Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited, Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited and the Sophonpanich family, one of Thailand’s most respected business families.

Main Facility (opened 1997)

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  • one of largest private hospital in Southeast Asia
  • 12 stories plus basement parking
  • 70,262 square meters
  • Fully licensed medical heliport
  • Hospital-wide wi-fi network coverage

 Outpatient Clinic Facility (opened 2008)

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  • One of world's largest private sector outpatient clinic
  • 21-story building plus 700 parking spaces
  • 57,206 square meters
  • One-stop convenience, with cashier and pharmacy stations on each clinic floor
  • Technology features such as Wi-Fi; LCD directories and TV; an automated lab to provide faster, more reliable results; online registration, medical records, and diagnostic images, allowing doctors immediate access to patient information from their exam room computers
  • A spacious 10th floor Sky Lobby featuring a premium member lounge, and international medical coordination, business and visa extension services, first time registration services

Patient Volumes & Revenues

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  • Over 1.1 million patients treated per year (outpatient and inpatient)
  • Over 520,000 are international patients from over 190 different countries
  • US$ 477 million turnover in 2013

Human Resources

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  • American-led international management team
  • Over 4,800 employees
  • Over 1,200 physicians and dentists, most with international training/certification
  • Over 900 nurses

Inpatient Capacities

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  • 580 Inpatient Beds
    • Medical/Surgical/OB/Pediatrics
    • Adult Intensive Care
    • Cardiac Care (CCU)
    • Pediatric Intensive Care
    • Level III Neonatal Intensive 

Outpatient Facilities

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  • 275 examination suites
  • Ambulance & mobile critical care fleet
  • 24-hour emergency care including emergency cardiac catheterization
  • Capacity : 5,500 outpatients per day
  • Outpatient Surgery Center

Outpatient Centers and Programs

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Special Facilities

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International Representative Offices

Special International Services

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  • Over 150 interpreters, international/airport concierge service, embassy assistance, VIP airport transfers, e-mail contact center, international insurance coordination and international medical coordinators, visa extension counter, Muslim prayer room

Quality & Certification

  • The first private hospital awarded Thailand Hospital Accreditation (1999)
  • Asia’s first hospital accredited by the US-based Joint Commission International (JCI), in 2002. Re-accredited by the JCI in 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014. JCI 'Disease-Specific' Certification, heart and stroke programs (since 2006); Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes Mellitus (2010)
  • First hospital to win Award of Excellence, healthcare tourism category, 2008 Thailand Tourism Awards
  • First hospital to win “Thailand’s Most Innovative Company” 2008 award in services business organized by Chulalongkorn University’s School of Business
  • 1st Place “Best Website for International Medical Travel” award at 2008 Consumer Health World Awards, USA
  • Thailand Quality Class Award - (2008)
  • Internationally Certified Laboratory (ISO 15189)

Social Responsibility

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The Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation was established in 1990, and is dedicated to providing healthcare to underprivileged Thais. The Foundation has provided over 100,000 Thais with free services ranging from check-up programs to life-saving surgery for children with defective hearts. Bumrungrad Hospital was awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) for the hospital's Corporate Social Responsibility programs in 2013 and 2014.