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The Department of Disease Control, under
the Ministry of Public Health, has allowed
all of the hospital employees that have been
under observation to return home. Thus,
July 2, 2015, there are no suspected cases of
at Bumrungrad International. Read more


It would take a powerful, artificially-intelligent computer to review all the clinical evidence and information that could help a single cancer patient.
Today there is such a computer. IBM Watson for Oncology may represent the future of medicine. Bumrungrad doctors will be the first outside North America to use it.

Learn how Watson helps cancer specialists choose effective treatments



Orthopedic surgeons at Bumrungrad perform knee and hip surgeries assisted by 3D computer modeling and robotic arms. Precise alignment and repair makes it easier for patients to regain pain-free movement.

Learn more about what we do for people with knee and hip problems



Plan Your Visit - Overview

If you've never visited a hospital overseas, don't worry. We see 1,000 international patients every day. So we have plenty of experience arranging everything from doctor's appointments to airport pick up and hotel accommodation. This page summarizes how you can do it and how we can help.

Step 1. Learn about us



This website is designed to answer your questions about our hospital, our doctors, and Thailand as a healthcare destination. Find out who we are, where we are, what services we provide, and what our hospital facilities look like. Start by watching a short video about the hospital.


Step 2.  Select a doctor or ask us for advice

Plan VisitThe next step for many people is to select a doctor. We have over 900 physicians representing 55 specialties to choose from. Our Doctor Search page helps you find one who meets your requirements.

If you need help selecting a doctor or need advice about treatment options, use our Inquiry Form. This form helps us understand your situation and respond more helpfully. We will forward your inquiry to an appropriate Bumrungrad medical professional and you will receive advice within a few days. You may use the same form to make follow-up inquiries. Sometimes we will schedule a phone conversation with you or your local physician.


Step 3. Make an appointment

Plan_Visit_Make_Appointment.jpgWhen you're ready to schedule your visit to our hospital, use the Appointment Request page. Many people do this after they choose a doctor in Step 2. The appointment request will display your doctor's schedule so you can request a day and time. If you prefer, you may select a date and ask us to recommend a doctor. We will process your request and confirm your appointment by email.

If you are coming to Bumrungrad for in-patient surgery we can make room arrangements and manage other ground service arrangements for you. You will still need to make an appointment with your surgeon, who must see you in Bangkok to make sure you are qualified for surgery.


Step 4. Arrange travel

Plan_Visit_Arrange_Travel.jpgIf you are not working with one of our international Referral Offices, let us help you arrange your travel here in Bangkok. You can see our Hotels near Bumrungrad page, where you can see hotels by order of distance from the hospital, and book your hotel immediately. The page has a map displaying all of the hotels in the area. We also have a Travel Map page with a downloadable Adobe PDF file you can download for your convenience.