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The Department of Disease Control, under
the Ministry of Public Health, has allowed
all of the hospital employees that have been
under observation to return home. Thus,
July 2, 2015, there are no suspected cases of
at Bumrungrad International. Read more


It would take a powerful, artificially-intelligent computer to review all the clinical evidence and information that could help a single cancer patient.
Today there is such a computer. IBM Watson for Oncology may represent the future of medicine. Bumrungrad doctors will be the first outside North America to use it.

Learn how Watson helps cancer specialists choose effective treatments



Orthopedic surgeons at Bumrungrad perform knee and hip surgeries assisted by 3D computer modeling and robotic arms. Precise alignment and repair makes it easier for patients to regain pain-free movement.

Learn more about what we do for people with knee and hip problems


For information about medical procedures or general inquiries, please use the form below to contact the hospital or one of our local referral offices. Currently we have referral offices in 18 countries to help you at no additional charge.

Should you have any urgent matter or require an immediate response, please call Referral Office-Cambodia 1 at (+855) 81 98 88 98 / (+855)81 99 88 98.

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